OMG I cannot believe I am still awake.  SERIOUSLY.  I was so blissfully asleep at 10PM tonight.  And then, at 11 or so, child started crying (she has a cold; I have a cold…we both have colds).  Go in, comfort child, back to bed.  She is sleeping like an angel, and here I am, typing away.

I know it's summer, but the thought of watermelon/feta salad is simply vile.

Maybe I should eat something.  That would help me get back to sleep.

Did you watch any Michael Jackson today?  I did.  Was quite sad.  It's too bad I did not wear a glove in tribute.

Tomorrow (or rather TODAY), be sure to mark the occasion when it hits 12:34PM 56 seconds on 7/8/09 (get it?).  Guess we missed the chance to acknowledge this event at 12:34AM.  Thank goodness for PM.

I don't think my women friends from business school are as good about helping one another out with our careers as my male friends.  There.  I said it.

Did you know there was a study done that showed people who were prayed for recovered better from their illnesses than people who did not have people pray for them (with similar health conditions).  The people who were prayed for did not KNOW they were being prayed for.   I am sure there are lots of problems with the data (yeah yeah yeah) but it's interesting (to me) nevertheless.

Still awake.  Eating hard boiled egg and raspberries.  The raspberries were on sale!  Two boxes for $4.00.

Of course Google is developing a PC operating system.

I made a damn good pot of lentils tonight. 

Speaking of food – quick impressive appetizer.  Toss mini potatoes in a little olive oil, salt and pepper.  Roast at 375 for about 35 – 40 minutes.  Cut across top like you would a larger baked potato.  Push up the sides (again, like you would a larger baked potato).  Stuff a piece of bacon in there, top with sour cream and chives.  I also like to mix some blue cheese into the sour cream.  Prepare to feel fat and happy.

Are you capable of quieting your mind? 

It's sick and wrong that right now I am craving a glass of iced coffee.

My next door neighbor just walked down their stairs.  Their benefits of brownstone living. 

Still not tired. 

My daughter is snoring.  I think the husband and the cats are snoring too.  One damn cat has taken over my side of the bed.  He saw the opening and he took it!  Good kitty.

I am a new fan of Friday Night Lights.  Season 2 discs arrive tomorrow. 

Well, wish me luck.  Going back for another attempt at sleep…