What are you thinking about today?  Here is what I have rattling about in my head:

I just ran out to grab lunch and saw an older lady (looked to be in her 80s) walking slowly through Times Square with one of those draggable shopping carts.  I must be honest, I look in awe at the older folks who make their day to day lives here.  She was moving at her own pace, did not look rushed or frail, but wow, living here is not easy and I admire those that just keep on going at it.

I am working with one of my companies to completely re-build our long range plan.  I LOVE this stuff.  Blank screen of Excel in front of me, lots of data to compile, rationale and logic to build to model out our growth plans.  This is good stuff.

When in doubt, as it relates to favors, I subscribe to the "Just Do It" rather than "Ask if You should Do It" way of life.  If you want to buy someone a gift while they are standing in a store with you, it's better to just do it than to say "Would you like me to buy this for you?"  To the latter, I suspect most people might feel a little odd saying yes, so why give them the option.

Are you alive or mearly living? 

I think there is a big gap between what companies need from new graduates and what they are getting.  Our educational system does a pretty poor job of addressing this.  Everyone keeps talking about what our educational system needs, but what I am not hearing a lot of is how it is linked to our overall economy – it's called workforce development.  There is opportunity here for innovation.

Since now my news finds me (RSS feeds, preferences, etc.), when will products find me just as easily?

Happy Wednesday.