Just kidding.  I still have several things I want to accomplish in my current career before I pack up and pursue the Other Job.  But maybe someday. 

However, It is no surprise to any regular reader of this blog that I love to cook.  For now, a weekend of cooking will have to do.  This is a big week in my house for food.  We started marinating a pork roast in jerk spices and beer last night.  It will be grilled tomorrow night.  We will also have roasted kale.

Yesterday for lunch there was cauliflower garlic pasta which my daughter decided was her new favorite thing.  Today we made panko/Parmesan crusted turkey cutlets for, well, anytime.  They are really just good to have around.  We also made some broccoli.  Also good to have around.  There was a cut up whole chicken roasting in the oven this afternoon too.  We dried the skin really well, tossed on some salt, pepper and smoked paprika (to keep things interesting) and let 'er rip at 450 degrees for about 35 minutes. 

And because my mother is visiting later this week and we will be eating short ribs (braised in port and red wine and veal stock, oh my!)…so I am in the midst of my first veal stock (virgin veal stock!).  Apparently veal stock is a thing of wonder of awe, so why not.  It's in the oven right now, where it will stay until 4AM when I wake up to turn off the oven, remove the stock and go back to bed.  It better be good.  Though I will say, I already love it because my house smells amazing and because who ever thought of putting a stock in the oven!  Low maintenance and maybe, just MAYBE, really high mileage!  Again, it better be good. 

At some other point this week we will have chicken paillard with parmesan breadcrumbs, escarole, rosemary and capers. 

I say this not to brag (it may all be just awful) but to make you hungry. 

And with all that, I am pretty excited about eating this week.  But can you believe it, I forgot to figure out dinner for tonight.  Good thing I have a full fridge.

One last thing, if you happen to be a great baker, please send me some favorite and FOOLPROOF recipes to tismoiblog@yahoo.com.  I am the worst baker and it's an area of shame and misery for my family (seriously, I have been known to make hockey pucks out of sugar, eggs, milk and flour).  Help me out, would ya?