I was never a big Bruce Springsteen fan, but I am loving him now that he is 60.  I might not like his music, but wow that man makes me feel YOUNG! 

FOLLOW UP: The short ribs are in the oven.  

Do most of the moms you know have short hair or long hair? 

The DOW at nearly 10,000 is getting way ahead of itself.  Sit tight folks. 

When you get into a cab, do you assume these days that it will be a cash transaction?  I still do, even in NYC (I feel bad using a card in a cab here since they screw the cabbies).  Isn't that crazy that in this age of technology 95% of cab transactions are done in cash?  Check out http://www.taxipass.com.

Tonight my daughter was watching the symphony on Live From Lincoln Center (not dedicated watching…nearly 2 year old watching where she looked for a few seconds then moved on, then looked for a second and moved on).  But in the few seconds that she looked, she mimicked the conductor.  I think my dad was right when he said IT would come back somewhere (IT being the obsessive love of music he had).  

I am SO glad summer is over.  I adore this time of year.  September through early January are the best months of the year.  Here we go…

This may have been said before, but for anyone in the tech industry, my prediction on Twitter is that it will be a huge win for the founders and early investors and a big slow quiet loss for whichever company buys it.  I don't care how many people you have using it or how much free advertising it gets, all that ultimately matters is profit.  How much money you make.  Bottom line is the bottom line.  IMHO.

Ladies, especially moms.  Have you ever looked at http://www.urbanbaby.com?  It's been around for a while but I am always amazed at how snarky and terrible women are to each other on that site.  Are we really that angry?  No male site like that exists.  Men help one another.  Women…not so much.  At least in GENERAL.  I think this is true in business as well and well, it's just awful.  Men go to weddings for heaven's sake and talk business – they think of it as FUN.  Women…oh no.  THAT would be TABOO.  I think that is a real bummer.  I think we should be more open to helping each other out.  Just sayin'

Man my house smells good.  Always have roasting/braising meat in the oven, or soup on the stove.

Saw a police car the other day that was a…wait for it…Cadillac Escalade.  Say WHAT??  New Yorkers, our tax dollars at work, my friends.  

Tomorrow as you are going about your day, do something randomly nice for someone.  Give up your subway seat, buy the person behind you a cup of coffee, buy your office a box of donuts (especially if you work in my office).  I am always amazed at how doing something nice makes my day.