• I am a mere 1,500 miles and 38,000 feet away from home.  Almost there. Feeling like an American Airlines "we know why you fly" commercial.
  • This blog really should be titled "Dear Diary" since it's more of a daily (or really, weekly) stream of consciousness. However, branding is important. Chapter XVII it shall remain.
  • So, I am on this plane and it's flu season. I swear, when anyone in the vicinity sneezes I feel like I am under attack! Call me paranoid, but I tend to pick stuff up (it's my magnetic personality) and airplanes are toxic places! Pray I get out alive.
  • There is a group of octogenarians on the plane to my right.  Two couples.  Very cute.  They just opened a ziploc full of brownies.  They are giggling madly as they pass the ziploc around.  One of two things must be happening: (1) they are diabetics gone mad OR (2) those are not just brownies.,.those are HERBAL brownies!  I will see what happens when the food cart goes by…if they pounce, I can verify it's (2).
  • I wish I could write about work.  Not what a liquidation preference is, or the optimal structure for a series A board of directors (seriously, there is a ton already written about these topics on the web).  I mean REALLY…being a VC exposes you to some crazy things – ideas, people, situations.  There is real drama here, people!  Alas, these companies are private so I am bound to protect the innocent (and unfortunately, the GUILTY).  But there is an exposé here.  Let's just say it's really interesting to see what happens when money is involved and the chips are down. 
  • I will say it, I am TIRED.  This is not something people readily admit these days (people say "busy" not "tired").  But I am beat.  I get beat more easily.  I may turn this blog into an ENERGY site.  How to get more energy with myself as the protagonist.  I may experiment with all kinds of new foods, theories and sleeping patterns and report back.  OR, I will just do as my mother would tell me and eat more fruits and vegetables, get more rest, drink more water. 
  • Has anyone heard the song "Ghetto" by J Holiday?  Honestly, it has to be the worst song I have heard in a long long time.
  • Do you think women are better than men at most things?  Tell the truth. 
  • If you are married, have you and your partner ever discussed your Domestic Domains?  My husband and I recently did this.  Domestic Domains is meant to define areas of mutual responsibility where we each take the lead, and the other agrees to follow.  We did not get very far.  So far, we agreed that his domains are the car, the deck and the grill.  Mine are household budgeting (I heart spreadsheets), anything requiring organization.  Our conversation is not complete but let me just say, this is a very interesting dinner party topic (though, be prepared to see your couple friends fight it out).
  • Our daughter sees a picture of the police and says "5-0!".  We are proud city parents.
  • About to sign off and pick up the book I grabbed at LAX before boarding the plane, The Omnivore's Dilemma.  In typical desperate-for-food fashion, I went immediately from buying the book to Burger King to grab a burger for the plane.  Honestly, the food at the American Airlines terminal could not be more dismal.  And yes, I see the great hypocisy in buying a book about how we poison ourselves with over-processed food and running to a beacon of food sins, but there I was.  Does someone else smell opportunity here?  All I smelled at the time were DELICIOUS fries but now it's just so obvious I was trapped (TRAPPED!),  I say into buying this slop!  It was that or starve.  It was really self-defense. 

Octo update: they bought the Premium Nut Blend, two Gourmet Chocolate Chip cookies, the Boston Market sandwich AND the Pringles.  Well now you tell me that is not a sign of the munchies.  Naughty naughty old people.