The response to SaveGourmet has been outstanding thus far!  More than 500 followers on Twitter in 3 days and a mention in The New York Times (click here!!!).  Tons of comments, support and good sentiment.  Naturally, there has also been outrage.  Why?  Because ending what Gourmet stands for is ridiculous.  Keeping your other properties alive which cater to a more mass audience may make good business sense in the short-term but it sure seems to cater to a sign of the times (i.e., flash in the pan) that is already REALLY well covered in the media. 

Condé Nast and friends, dare to be different and RAISE standards, SET a tone, LEAD a market not just follow every Tom, Dick and Rachael*.

Surely, someone could have been a little more creative with those expense budgets and said, "you know what, we can be more frugal while not sacrificing our creative leadership and integrity."

It appears that Condé wants to hold onto the Gourmet brand (though I could be wrong on this – just rumors but based upon their desire to maintain the TV shows, etc.).  Honestly, if they don't update the website content in stylish Gourmet fashion, then it feels like keeping the brand is more like holding it HOSTAGE!  Let it go – let someone else capitalize upon what Gourmet stands for.

So what to do?  

If I had a lot of money, I might make a play to start something that would revive the brand/ideals in a for-profit fashion.  Alas, that is not the case…  

But I can live it.  I can LIVE Save Gourmet.  So that is what I will do (this is starting small – I have not given up on a grand plan, I just don't have one…if you do, let me know if I can help).  I was inspired by a woman named Julie O'Hara who is hosting a blogging event between now and October 15th, asking people to cook a favorite recipe from Gourmet magazine and publish a blog post about it. I love that, and will be participating.  In that spirit, I want to keep some of the features of Gourmet alive.  So tomorrow night, a quiet Friday evening when I can wind down from the week, I will be cooking from one of my favorite Gourmet features, One or Two For Dinner (did you love that feature?  I did.)  Specifically, we will make the provencal rack of lamb with roasted tomatoes from October 2008.  Will you join me in this quest?  Tomorrow night, or maybe some other upcoming evening, find a recipe from that feature and cook it.  If you like, tweet it and/or let me know and if I get a few, I can post them here.  I would love to know what you make.   

Cheers and Good Living,


Save Gourmet on Twitter 

p.s. I don't actually have anything against Rachael.  I just think her type of cooking is pretty well covered and it is no substitute for what Gourmet stands for.