I cooked two recipes from Gourmet this weekend and was impressed with both (nothing shocking here – the recipes from Gourmet are almost ALWAYS good.  That is why I love(d) it so).  If you are interested, make the Lamb Provencal or the Chicken Liver Mousse.  No pictures.  I am not the best photographer.  Just use your imagination. 

A few articles/blog posts have come out recently about how the VC industry is sexist.  I sent out a tweet about that today.  For those of you who might read that and think I was standing in my window doing BIRD impressions, let me clarify.  A "tweet" is a post to Twitter.  If you don't know what Twitter is, just move on, but rest assured I have not lost my mind and chosen to join the ranks of aves.  Back to my point, if you would like to read those posts, click here and here.  Interestingly, I hesitated before tweeting (there it is again, that funny BIRD thing) about the articles, not wanting to be branded "That Woman" playing the chick card.  But then I thought, wait a minute…these are just the facts.  Let others draw their own conclusions…and the fact that I had that moment's hesitation, well, that speaks volumes.

I have started reading The Omnivore's Dilemma and wow, a mere 50 pages in and I am amazed by corn.  We are ruled by corn.  All we eat is corn.  The children we bear are really, well, corn.  If you have not read it and want to learn where your food comes from, I suggest it (at least the first 50 pages). 

If you are looking for a great chick read, check this out: Perfect on Paper.  A review of it is HERE from The Gotham Gal (I always read her reviews – she reads a ton and does not pull punches).  Full disclosure, this is a shameless plug for a friend (Maria, the author) and damn it, you better listen to me because it is a really fun, laugh out loud, WOW I have been there, has she been following me around with a camera kind of book.  The holidays are right around the corner!  Order your copy now!

Missing Gourmet, sort of wanting to cook, but craving Chinese delivery…what is a girl to do.  Boy those Singapore Noodles are cravable.

If I had more time, I might start a food blog for busy New Yorkers titled "Ovens Aren't For Sweater Storage"

PUSHY BUT INSPIRATIONAL END NOTE: If you want to Save Gourmet, please follow here and try to come up with millions or dollars to help me buy it, OR, send some other brilliant ideas to bring it back.  Barring either of those, make a plan to cook for yourself, your family, your friends a few recipes from Gourmet.  Really, saving Gourmet is about saving the sacred event that used to be known as "Dinner Time."  In the olden days, people would gather around a table to share food that had been lovingly and patiently prepared.  They would talk, laugh and debate all while enjoying a menu that someone had taken time to prepare.  If this ritual sounds pagan to you, trust me.  Try it.  You just might like it.