I think it's sad that they lipsync on Glee.

On the topic of Saving Gourmet – it appears I have been BANNED.  I think I am the only person in America who has not received my November issue, the last issue (unless someone is ponying up millions of dollars – any takers?).  Perhaps its the obnoxious signs I have in my office window taunting the Conde Nast folks across the street.  In any event, hope springs eternal…I will look for it in my mailbox tomorrow night.

WHEN WHEN WHEN is season 4 of Friday Night Lights coming out on DVD???

I have been learning a lot about credit card processing systems these days.  Surprisingly, fascinating stuff.

So in-plane wifi has only been around for about a year but I tell ya, I don't know how we lived without it.  I got onto a plane today that was without (BOO American Airlines) and it about killed me.  I was twitching by the time I got off the plane.  I was that person running into people because I was looking at my Blackberry rather than where I was going.

Do you know that in the November issue of Martha, she actually has on her calendar "Bathe the cats".  I would pay good money to see Martha bathe cats.  If she tried to bathe my cats they would rip her to shreds.  Could that woman have been named more appropriately, btw?  Martha.  The cat bather.

Someone very generous (a friend) told me once after reading this blog they thought I should consider a career as a writer.  This was shocking to me; I politely said "thank you" but then sat there in disbelief.  I respect this person and it was a nice thing to say.  BUT, the most interesting part of it was that I realized I had not only never considered being a writer, I had written it off when I was young, along with many other careers, saying to myself "I am not good enough for that, I need to find something else to do."  Now, don't get me wrong, I like my career path but I have to say the interaction got me thinking.  Why had I written off being a writer?  I never even explored the idea.  Just like I never explored about a million other things that now somehow feel far off and impossible, yet potentially interesting.  I don't know that I would have ultimately made different choices, but as I reflected on the conversation, I was disappointed with myself that I had written off so many things before even given them a shot.  So how do you encourage people/children/yourself to be open to exploring a lot of possibilities (the world is your oyster; you can do anything) while reaping the benefits of focusing (which is what so many people tell you to do – and which, frankly, works for a lot of people who stay on track)?  I suppose one thing to realize is that really, it's never too late.  It may feel too late with mortgages and other realities to be contended with, but it's really not.  I suppose, it's just a matter of trade-offs.

That is my long-winded thought of the night.

Going on day 2 of having the Top Gun Anthem in my head (thank you, Harold Faltermeyer/Steve Stevens).  If you want to join my insanity, sample a listen here.  What do we think this means?  Either I should be hauling the family to Miramar, or joining the Scientologists.  Thoughts?