Why is it ok for smokers to litter?  (I Hate Cigarettes Thought of the Day)

Why is it that all business advice for women involves women morphing to please men?  How about men maybe morphing to please women.  Seriously!!??!  To women: "Don't bake."  "Don't talk about your kids."  "Don't show any emotions."  "Don't get mad."  "Don't be too nice."  "Don't take credit or you will look like a b*!?tch."  "Take credit or you will not get any."  HUH?  "Don't apologize too often."  "Don't try to understand the problem just pretend you know the answer." I know, I know, it's still a MAN's world so face reality.  But is that really true?  I like to bake, I occasionally mention my daughter, I can get mad but I am nice, I do apologize if I think I am wrong and I actually like to understand a problem rather than seem like an all-knowing blowhard.  (Feminist Thought of the Day).

Popeye's Chicken.  (Fast Food Craving Thought of the Day)

I used to hate that holiday decorations would show up right after Halloween.   I like it now because Christmas is my all time favorite holiday and I like to be in the spirit as long as possible.  (Bring On Santa Thought of the Day)

People still care what Sarah Palin thinks – she is a leading commentator on yesterday's election results on CNN???  (Say It Isn't So, Joe! Thought of the Day)

I don't want to get up at 4:15 tomorrow morning to make a flight. (Not a Morning Person Thought of the Day)

I want the Yankees to lose tonight so we go to game 7 because one of my investments makes more money the longer the World Series goes on. (Self-serving Disloyal New Yorker Thought of the Day)

My husband and I are eating at Blue Hill At Stone Barns this weekend and I CANNOT WAIT!!!  (Foodie Thought of the Day)

I have not worked out in more than a month.  (Need More Motivation Thought of the Day)

The Men Who Stare At Goats looks like an idiotic not funny movie, which is a bummer because it has a good cast.  (How Do These Junk Show Movies Get Funding Thought of the Day)

I saw three women try to give a guy a seat on the subway the other day.  Said guy was carrying his daughter in a Baby Bjorn.  He refused but looked shocked and appreciative.  (That Is What Equality is all About Thought of the Day)

It's nice to remember that even on a gloomy day, if you were in an airplane, you know you would break through the clouds and see the sun. (Pollyanna Thought of the Day)