Nothing borrowed, and thank god, nothing BLUE, because I am talking about FOOD in this here post.  Yes. 

A combination of very sad, neglected old folks came together tonight to make one delicious easy soup. It all started with an odd, old package of Knorr Vegetable Dip in the back of my pantry.  How did that even get there?  Did we MOVE with that?  It must have been two, perhaps three years old.  It was time.  Then there was the half of an onion in the fridge, a parmesan rind about to waste away, about 10 almost wrinkling looking though still good fingerlings, and a half a head of cabbage.  Who ever uses up that last half of the cabbage, really?

Well, all of this made it into a pot tonight, along with three garlic cloves, a can of cannelini beans and six or seven cans of water.  Salt.  Pepper.  A little love.  An hour simmering on the stove.  And here you go:

Top THAT with a crouton, perhaps rubbed with garlic and some parmesan melted on top and darn if you don't have a nice bowl of soup.  Chin up, old parm!  Glass full, sad cabbage!