Seriously. Talk about a lack of, well, things to talk about.  When I started this blog about 4 years ago (maybe 5, but I think it was 4), it was out of a desire to document various thoughts and ideas in the hope that as I sat in my rocking chair on my porch, as an old lady, drinking my spiked lemonade (yeehaw!), my grandkids would read it aloud, laugh, cry and ask questions "Granny, what was it like in 2010??"

Well here we are and I have nothing to say of late.  Just busy I guess.  And tired.  Do you ever find yourself at home staring at the wall?                              Oh.  Well, I don't either I guess.  I suppose if I DID (which, you know, I DON'T) it would not be a sign of a disorder, but rather just plain tiredness.  No, I am not pregnant.  I am just working hard.  And enjoying it, but between go to work, do a thousand things, pick up child, make her dinner, get her to bed, remember to eat, do more work, pack her a lunch, do some laundry, refi a house, talk to a friend, etc. etc. (oh yeah, see a husband!) you know, the time goes by.  And we just have ONE child.  This is why women, maybe men too, feel weak and guilty.  I just have one and I am tired.  Boo.

Enough of all that.  That is just whining and at the end of the day, I am excited about my job and glad I have important things to do, so BUCK UP as my great Aunt Evelyn would have said.

So in the spirit of grandkids reading this, how about I start with a few simple life updates to get back on track:

Avery has started school!  Day care really, but for her it's school!  And it's great.  She loves it. 

I gave up beef/chicken/pork/duck/etc. for Lent.  I still eat fish and eggs.  I really miss duck (true).  Let's face it, I really miss all meat.  Yes I do.  I have lost 3 pounds unintentionally.  The jury is out about what happens after Easter.  Until then, lentils. 

WE booked a vacation!  NOT a family trip (sorry kid, you get to go to Camp Grammy!).  Down to Miami Beach we shall go soon and re-live our debaucherous early years!…though we will probably just nap.

Is it really March?

I am baking a spaghetti squash right now.  Is that like low fat ice cream?  (the very idea of low fat ice cream is criminal)

For some reason whenever I take the B train to work I think of my dad when I get to 42nd street.  Weird.

If you give some mindshare to Parting Thoughts, you know, those thoughts you think you might have upon your death, are you living the best way you can?  I am not sure I am.  I am not too far off the mark but I think among many other things a few parting thoughts would involve laughing/drawing/sharing/reading/calling more.  Perhaps there is a post to be done on this.

I think Generation M, of which we are all now a part (Generation Multi-task) is making us all less efficient and generally dumber (more dumb?).  Yes.

I hate Washington politics and have become jaded and disillusioned.

I saw two old friends in the past week and dog gone it, I had a blast.  Need a lot more of that.

Avery said "Golly willikers!" today.  Say what??

I read The Help and loved it.

My friend Heidi's book came out and is getting rave reviews.  Called The Girl Who Feel From The SkyBuy it here.  GREAT book.

Do you think Iron Chef is rigged?  I do.

The next time you are baking brownies, stir in a few dollops of peanut butter.  Because even brownies can be improved.  Life Lessons From Cooking.  That is all.