It's been a weird week.  A few examples below.  If the week ends on Saturday, two more days to go, what should I expect?  You tell me…

At various times today I noticed people looking at me – nicely, not grossly.  More men than women.  I assumed I was having a good hair day, only to discover 3 or 4 times that the most important button on my shirt was undone.  Have had this shirt for years – never been an issue before.  Weird wardrobe malfunction.

I talk to my mom today to ask her about the weather in Virginia only to find out she's in Kansas.  What?!?!?  Last week she jetted off to Geneva for two days.  Weird, I cannot keep track of my mother.

Tonight was Thursday Dinner Treat Night for Avery (i.e. lazy mommy and daddy dinner prep night) so she ate her favorite bagel with salmon cream cheese (such a New York kid), yogurt with honey and strawberries and then at the end asked for…lima beans?  Weird but OK.  So I rolled with that.  Limas you shall have.

I have had a brand new yummy food magazine in my house for three days and have yet to crack it. This is weird.

All day Wednesday I thought it was Tuesday.  Very weird, but in a good way.

No more Lent but more often than not have opted out of meat choices this week and last.  A little weird.

I would love to say that my mantra of "I will get back to running tomorrow!" is weird but it's not. I keep telling myself, I will get back to running…tomorrow.

I made dry brownies…from a BOX!  Très Embarrassing.  Who effs up brownies first of all?  Second…who effs up brownies from a BOX?  Weird.

Have been ever so aware of Springtime's arrival this year – more than ever.  Is this an aging thing?  I guess if so, that is good weird.

It is definitely weird and frankly BAD that the market is over 11,000 now (although on slim trading).  Buckle up people and don't go counting your gains.  I predict a bumpy ride at some point again in the next 12 months.

I think it's weird that nobody looks where they are going anymore – what is the rate of blackberry walking accidents?  High, weird, and dumb.

One of our cats is snoring.  Feline weirdness.

We have to get a new car in about – oh, a month.  And we have no idea what we want and frankly are not really thinking about it.  This is weird for me – in denial I think.  I am a planner and its weird that I am ignoring this reality.

I got on the subway the other day and a woman was loudly preaching Jesus stories as we all, mostly uncaffeinated, rode to work.  This is actually not weird – it's NYC and people preach all the time.  What WAS weird was that as she preached, desperately seeking refuge from her bluster, I tried to read the advertising banners in front of me and ALL of them *yes, all* where God and Jesus related.  I looked beyond my immediate view and the other banners were advertisements for racy thriller novels or dental work for $79.99.  Just those near me were all about God.  Weird.

Speaking of dental work, one of my best meetings this week was with my dentist and hygienist.  I just love my dentist and hygienist.  They are just the best.  I know this is weird but if you want a referral, let me know.  Everyone I send there just loves them.