Another year gone by.  I always find myself a little melancholy on my birthday.  Not really because I am older; rather, because I am so darn sentimental that marking time generally makes me a little happy and sad and amazed and frightened and hopeful and, well, you know.

I had a lot of thoughts today.  Jotted them down as the day went on.  In no particular order:

  • Starting a new year heading to Times Square two days after a seemingly legit bomb scare is not a feeling I will ever get used to. I know we all expect something to happen, but heading into the storm with a child several miles away is unsettling. But we plod on.
  • Here Comes the Sun by George Harrison always reminds me of my mother.
  • My dad used to call me late in the day on my birthday. 
  • As much as I like my job, right now I wish I were sitting on a bench on the Highline, watching boats go by on the Hudson, drinking Laurent Perrier Rose champagne (out of a paper bag) watching people go by.  Thinking about the book I might write someday.  That is how I should be spending my birthday.
  • Well, I am 38 and still no sign of my Grammy.
  • I read something interesting today – just a one liner but it was "People should pry more."  I think this is so true.  Ask ask ask your friends family etc. how they are, what they are thinking about, what matters to them, how you can play a part.  And listen to the answers.  Get under the surface.  If you don't, well then you are just skimming and relationships are not built on skimming. 
  • TAXES.  What would our lives be like if there were a tax on emails?
  • A couple of close friends forgot to call me today.  So I sent them calendar invites to my birthday, recurring forever.  I got a kick out of my old self.
  • Do you remember what was important to you (i.e. what you worried about) ten years ago?  I don't really.  I guess that means everything turned out ok.  That is a lesson for right now and ten years from now.

I spent a wonderful weekend with family, this evening with my husband and got a real "Happy Birthday, Mommy!" from Avery.  It does not get any better.  🙂