In general,when asked "Would you like onions with that?" the answer should be "Yes."

When in doubt, add a little cayenne to homemade soup when it needs that unknown "something".

Am reading Mountains Beyond Mountains and am blown away by Dr. Paul Farmer.  Brings up all of those "What will you do with your one wild and precious life" questions.

Right now it's a beautiful breezy Monday evening.  My daughter is asleep.  My husband has a work event this evening.   There is a dog barking outside…people are walking up the street heading home or discussing their dinner at James or Franny's.  What a nice night.  Peaceful.

Went to bed early last night at 10:30.  Got a great night's sleep.  Was exhausted all day!  So much for that theory.

Am also reading The World According To Garp and though Irving's writing is some of the best I have ever read, darn if I cannot get into the characters.  Piddle.

I hope I don't fall into that category of people with young kids who have nothing to talk about but their kids.  How awful.

I'll be honest, I let National Donut Day pass without being properly acknowledged and have not felt the same since.

Because this is an archive for my kid(s), like any good time capsule we should capture something humdrum.  A few of our fridge contents: 

  • Milk milk and more milk.  Half and half.  Buttermilk.
  • A pound of butter.
  • A beer growler and 5 bottles of Sierra Nevada.
  • Leftover carnitas (yes, homemade).
  • Leftover Mac and Cheese (yes, homemade Kraft)
  • A half eaten container of blackberries.
  • Serrano ham.
  • OJ.
  • Seltzer.
  • Broccoli, escarole, rhubarb, an old looking zucchini, a half cut onion, salad mix, jalapeno peppers.
  • Husband's homemade super secret OMG where can I buy this vinaigrette
  • Mayonnaise.
  • Mascarpone.  Which is my new favorite thing.  The calories and fat content are in Italian.  Please god let me never learn Italian.
  • Dear god, what IS that in the back??
  • Valentina.  One of the best hot sauces ever.
  • Tabasco.  Don't have a home without it.
  • Grapes.

Have reached a point where NYC would not be tolerable for me without Brooklyn.  Though I did find it amusing that there was a nearly full blown tennis court set up in Times Square today.  Amusing before I had a near nasty run in with that dreadful nude cowboy.  God he is gross.  Get some pants, man.

WHAT is wrong with these Real Housewives???  I really hope people outside of NYC don't think that is normal for NYC women. 

Am a little obsessed with the iPad and I am not normally an early tech adopter (am really a V2 kind of gal).  If anyone would like to buy me one, feel free.  I will test it out for you.

Almost got caught in a tornado in Greenwich, CT yesterday.  Not a phrase I ever expected to utter.

My friend Donna wrote THIS BOOK and I am ordering it in hardcover, and cannot wait to read it. 

What would you do tomorrow if you won $100 million tonight?

So there you have it.  Nothing earth-shattering.  Not an insightful, funny or philosophical post. Just the day to day.  And a nice one at that.