How DOES that happen?  How does time move so quickly?  A wise person said "The days are long but the years are short."  Well ain't that the truth.

So let's just jump right into random thoughts and food.  What is happening in our world:

It's 10:30PM on a Tuesday so of course my husband is outside helping our neighbor build a bench.   Who does not love Brooklyn? 

Was speaking to a friend tonight about Feeding A Toddler.  Like two ladies comparing Tupperware collections, we traded tips.  Mine – we cook on Sundays for the week.  Roast chicken, lasagna, broccoli, pasta, soup.   Click here for my lasagna.  It comes from Kansas relatives but don't let that stop you.  Also, like all good Episcopalians, we always have a ham bone in our freezer, so this week we made ham and white bean soup too (in the slow cooker…first time used since we got it in 2006!).  Also make a lot of mac 'n cheese (I like martha's perfect mac n' cheese recipe though she uses WAY too much sauce) and just to spoil some of the fun, I use whole wheat pasta.

Now, don't be fooled.  This is all for survival but for sure my daughter eat her fair share of scrambled eggs for dinner, can quote Toy Story and explained the difference between a Mounds and an Almond Joy the other day.  That was the other great part of my conversation with said friend, when we shed the sanctimommy B-S, the good stuff comes out.  And we are all in the same mommy-boat paddling with one oar behind our backs, no GPS and storms on the horizon. 

Does everyone in Beverly Hills have hair extensions codependency issues with their siblings?  If you don't know what I am talking about, god bless you, as that means you have NOT watched The Superficial Housewives of Beverly Hills.  I have not really watched it, just skimmed you know. 

Besides, I have not had the energy to read lately because despite all rational thought to the contrary, we are having Kid Two (coming soon to a house near you!  SPRING 2011!) and TV and raspberry sorbet are my new best friends.  There are good things – I am a born again Knicks fan.  A friend of mine asked "WHY???"  Well, I will tell you why.  When you don't have the evergy to read you need a substitute.  Baseball is over and not much fun without beer; football is on only Sundays and Mondays; so it was either Pro Basketball or ping pong on cable…so I chose the Knicks.  I already had the t-shirt you know, so it makes sense. 

It is SAD though that my unborn child could play better hoops than the Knicks did against the Bucks tonight.  But no matter.  As Jay-Z would say, On To The Next One.

And that is that for now.  Work is good; the holidays are coming up; family and friends are what matter.  I do hope to blog more.  Seriously, where would I be without all of this navel gazing?  All self indulgence aside, I have not felt much of a voice of late (all that morning sickness you know – and BTW for SURE it was a man who coined it Morning Sickness.  He clearly had no idea and his wife must have hated him).

See, I made it a whole catch up post without commenting on politics, the sad state of our nation's well-being or the inability of our leaders to do their jobs.  Success.