The Knicks are playing the Trailblazers on our TV.   The Cats and The Daugher are sleeping.  Tuesday but feels like Wednesday.  The belly is getting bigger.  The flutters come with increasing frequency (ladies who've had children, you know what I mean).  Nice steal, Chandler and nice shot Felton!  The husband is searching for a hotel in London for a quick trip.  Harumph.  Already, three plows have come down our NYC street unlike last time when they were nowhere in sight for THREE days.  The snow falls heavily and the red beans, in anticipation of tomorrow's rice, simmer away on the stove.  They are snuggling with ham hocks, garlic and onions…other ingredients to come…even though it's nearly 10:30, that is no reason not to be cooking.  A chocolate chip cookie.  OK…two chocolate chip cookies.  And all is well on this ordinary night.