Our coats no longer zip, our feet won't fit our shoes. We haven't seen our toes for weeks. We've got the pregnant blues.

We waddle to and from our tasks like ducks with 'roids, OH BOO. Our backs are sore, its all a bore! We've got the pregnant blues.

It started with the barfing, night sweats and fatigue…then came a moment in the clear! The second tri, we'd need.

But then the moment passed – we're back! With symptoms yuck galore. All leading to the birth of a child we'll sure adore…

Pubic pains, o' lack of sleep, and headaches two or ten. Reflux, heartburn and congestion…CRIPE, when will it end?!?

No sushi, soft cheese, beer or wine, the righteous do declare. To them we say "bahh humbug you!" And darn it all, screw them!

With lots more weeks to go we shout, "oh say it isn't true!" We may just burst or stay in bed. We've got the pregnant blues.

It is all worth it, yes indeed, a child's a true delight. But all we ask is a FULL NIGHT'S SLEEP!!! And with that say we say, GOOD NIGHT.


**it is a blessing and a gift.  the blessing/gift  that keeps on giving 🙂