Has it really been since March?

The days are long but the months are short.

Notes on today:

A Dora bandaid on my ankle

Two sleeping kids. Two.

A barking dog. Not ours.

Two cats lazing about.

Fresh tomatoes from our backyard…thanks to my husband.

Back to work yesterday, and that went fine.

Lots of thoughts and reflections on maternity leave. Will post later.

Delicious fancy tuna salad eaten in front of the open fridge at 11:30pm.

About four books being read simultaneously…two of which are pretty compelling. Other two feel like "shoulds"

Two games of Words with Friends..been going since last week.

Breeze through the back door. And busted AC. So thank goodness for the breeze.

Someone's house alarm is going off nearby.

Pleasant anticipation of tomorrow morning's caffeine fix 🙂