I like lists.  I LIVE for lists.  Most of my lists are in Excel.  I also live for Excel.  Recently I came across an old Excel file that had notes on things I'd experienced that were BIG.  We are talking major sensations.  Memories.  Things you re-tell at a bar over a great bottle of wine.  Some of which I never want to experience again, and others which I hope to get to again.  Here is what I found:

  • Singing on stage in front of several hundred people.  College. 
  • Winning a crew race where we were at least two boats behind, dead in the water, the odds on loser and yet…we WON.  We WON.  Man did that feel good.
  • Getting stuck under a raft in a moving river.  In Chile. 
  • Realizing at mile 13 that yes, I was going to finish that marathon.
  • Opening a mailbox to find that big envelope that you know says "you are in"
  • Rock climbing a perfectly vertical and seemingly perfectly smooth (i.e. nothing to grab) rock wall…and then falling.  Was on belay.  And apparently the instructor's object was to push us until we "fell"…never before have I been so in the moment.
  • Being told "You are no longer employed by this company" (Thank God, a near miss…was re-hired 6 hours later into a new role.  But oh, the drama of post-9/11 job cuts.)
  • Getting a tattoo (I consider this Big.  It will be with me forever.  I'd pondered it for years)
  • Seeing Paul McCartney…EATING DINNER TWO TABLES FROM US. Cheesy, perhaps.  But you know you would stare too.  I saw a Beatle.
  • Speaking to someone in the moment of death
  • Fear for my life
  • Looking down the aisle 🙂
  • Labor pains…let's all take a moment.


  • It's a girl
  • It's a boy