The sky is a cool dark gray mottled with patches of blue pink sunset.  Buildings define the view.

Walking briskly to my train I hear conversations in snippets:

"I really hate that about…"
"Dude, its $50 fucking K!"
"Real handbags, lady, real handbags…Chanel, Gucci…"
"Are you joining the revolution?"

A women in front of me appears to be wearing shih tzus on her feet.  Some would say boots.

On the walk to the train I bumped into (literally) 6 people.

Rats seen so far: 4

The train arrives.  Board.  Guy in Tom shoes reading Franzen…nope, likely Brooklyn bound.  Move fast to stand in front of seated 20-something girl in fake fur vest and Tory Burch flats…train heads south and yup, bingo!  She got off at Union Square and I scored her seat.  Style Profiling.

McDonalds should not be allowed on the subway.

We stop on the bridge and as we sit, we feel the bridge move up and down.  Suspended.

People read.  Most wear headphones.  Almost nobody talks.

A guy wearing Izod head to toe.  Really. Including his watch.  Spokesperson?

Hit home station and come up through the stairs.  No buildings block the sky.  A little quieter.  The smell of rotisserie chicken.  Walk home through tree-lined streets. But watch back as there have been about 5 incidents over the last several months.  Mostly at 2am but you can't be too careful.

Keys in door.  Hear the pitter patter of 3 year old feet race to the front of the house.  It's nice to be home.

Here's to life in the big city.