When Lil A was still little, I wrote her a list of things I wished for her.  It’s one of my favorite lists ever.  Please read it here.

Now that there is another A, Mini A, or Little Mister as he is often called in our house, it’s time to write another such list.  This is meant for both kids. I wish for you both:

  • To cherish one another.  Full stop.  You will fight and be mean to one another, and say things you regret, but you are flesh and blood and forever connected to one another.  Do whatever you can to not take that for granted
  • To know a world where skin color really does not advantage one group over any other
  • To wonder how we in 2011 could have been so silly as to ever question someone’s right to serve their country because of their gender or sexual orientation
  • To live in a world where we value thoughtfulness and the quest for knowledge

To know that your very liberal soap-boxy mother actually has a sense of humor.  Even if I still make you eat your peas, brush your teeth, and do as we ask the FIRST time 🙂 (down girl…back to the poetic place…)

  • To float in the ocean and listen only to the birds overhead and the waves beneath you while doing so
  • To catch that fly ball
  • To get a B, or a C, or a D and feel compelled to give more not give up
  • To feel pages between your fingers that you want to turn – to lose yourself in a book
  • To know the satisfaction of writing an actual letter, and receiving one in return
  • To hear the voices – live or recorded – of your ancestors and feel a connection to them
  • To know that almost always, people around you are doing the best they can, and to have genuine senses of interest and empathy
  • To stand in Central Park in the middle of a snowfall, turn around 360 degrees and not see another living soul (except perhaps the person you are with)
  • To know that you are creators not just consumers
  • To master a musical instrument
  • To make and eat fresh pasta
  • To cry during a movie.  Loudly and uncontrollably
  • To meet and be with friends face to face more than online
  • To swim in a cool lake on a hot day
  • To appreciate the simple things
  • To know happiness and success are not necessarily functions of the size of your bank account
  • To fail.  It only makes the victories that much sweeter
  • To see art through your grandfather’s eyes and hear music through your other grandfather’s ears
  • To know how lucky you are to have three grandmothers who each in their own way will teach you to be sensible, lucky, quirky and generous
  • To stand among thousands of people in a huge arena and listen to your favorite bands live
  • To know that even when you feel stuck you have new places to go
  • To feel about someone else the way your parents feel about each other AND
  • To feel about someone else the way we feel about each of you.