I love thinking about menus, and even more so, “menu game plans.”  How does one get dinner on the table for friends and family while working, managing kids, keeping your sanity.  The question gets bigger with the holidays.  What to cook, how to make it happen, how to avoid family roadkill along the way. 

So this is what I do. I plan.  I write it all out. I spec out what gets done when.  I do this often – holidays, dinner parties, etc.  It’s most fun when you throw work travel into the mix (i.e. I will be in California Wednesday through Thursday late afternoon…guests arrive Saturday at 7PM…no sitter coming by to help…how to make it taste good and look easy!  This for me is FUN). 

As Thanksgiving approaches, I pulled up my Game Plan from 2009, the first time we hosted Thanksgiving and the first time I cooked a turkey.  I just love this – this is organization, thought, operations, execution, getting things done.  The only thing it’s missing is a spreadsheet.  Maybe in the future I will do Gantt Charts.  Take a look, and happy planning!

Thanksgiving 2009 Game Plan