I got an iPhone last week and like others, I love it.  But I love it for a reason I did not expect – no more RED BLINKING LIGHT.  On my Blackberry, the upper right light would switch from green to red the second an email or text was received.  And like Pavlov’s dog I would hop to.  It became like an itch that I had for years – see light, scratch!  Watch light, will it turn from green to red?  It was beyond a distraction; it was a compulsion.  And it was unhealthy.

I don’t strive to be a multi-tasking ninja.  Sue me.  As I said earlier, I am Type A Minus and proud.  But the Blackberry Light Complusion was something I did not even know I had, until it was gone.  And now I feel better.

Friends, this is all quite frightening.  I think we are all guilty of being driven by our lives rather than driving our lives.  I know I am.  Driven by my thoughts, insecurities, red blinking lights.  How about turning all of that around and trying to live consciously.  Yeah, I am getting all zen and buddha on you but try sitting for 5 minutes and breathing and see what happens.  You are sitting there doing nothing then all of a sudden like a loony toon you are talking to yourself or replaying a conversation you had earlier or worrying about something that has never happened.

Or at least I do all of those things.

It’s never too late to have new resolutions and so here is one of mine, live more consciously and in the moment.  Some cliches are around because they are true. 

Leap year is a good time for this.  Let’s leap to our own beat rather than that of an incessantly blinking device.  Happy Leap Day.