What an interesting couple of days.  Casual observations:

  • A lot of people in life say they want to lead and manage but truth be told, they don’t really want the associated responsibility and accountability.
  • My walking to work theme song via iPhone these days has been Biggie’s Hypnotize.  Not sure what that means.
  • I know very few people who actually know what they want to do with their lives (for a living, generally).  Who’s happy at work?  About 80% plus are not.
  • I didn’t run this morning and I miss it. Posting my (sad pathetic but on an upswing) runs to Facebook is a good motivator.
  • That said, I signed up for my first kickboxing class next week (my husband for some reason thinks this is a “good outlet for my frustrations”)…maybe he has an ulterior motive.  Let you know how it goes.  Honestly I am already terrified. 
  • I saw three yes THREE people with unicycles in Brooklyn yesterday.  What are the chances. 

Back to people being unhappy with their lives, let’s all go back to the salad days. Literally and figuratively.  And here is a good start…a recipe I whipped up the other night.  Salad seemed so sad by itself…pasta is always satisfying, so I did a mashup and made Salad Pasta.  See below.

PROCESS: Get water on stove for boiling.  Toss in some pasta – not stringy but something like fusilli.  Turn on your oven to 400.  In a small bowl, pour Panko, Grated Parm, a minced garlic clove and pepper.  Mix.  Pour this breadcrumb mixture onto a cookie sheet.  Into oven to toast the breadcrumbs.  WATCH THEM!  Nobody likes burned breadcrumbs.  When nicely toasted, remove them and set aside.  Place salad greens of your choosing into a bowl. I used Mixed With Herbs.  Olive oil – more than you would normally use to dress this salad.  Salt.  Pepper.  Goat cheese, crumbled.  Lemon zest and lemon juice.  Toss.  See, it’s a salad.  Drain your pasta.  Add it to the salad  bowl.  Add your toasted breadcrumbs to the salad bowl.  Toss all together.  I usually add more pepper.  And that, my friends, is dinner.