It’s been a month – time for a check in on those pesky resolutions. Overall I am totally failing.  This is a good thing.  I always like having something to look forward to and really it’s all upside from here.

I am reading but not more than before.  We have had more dinners with friends, check one.  I’ve called more friends rather than waiting for their Facebook updates, so now the phone tag begins.  I still buy coffee and am having trouble living in a state of disaster which all the parenting blogs say is good for my childrens’ creativity.  I’ve been pretty kind though I cut off an old lady at the subway the other day.  My frugal fashion strategy of closet shopping has been foiled by my mid-section which demands ambiguous waistlines.  That 15K is still out there in April. I need to get started on training for that. The other night I was having an unhealthy day (ramen, swiss cake rolls, brad pitt) so I did what any rational person would do – I downloaded a couple of fitness apps, told myself how great it will be to start on that workout plan tomorrow, finished my beer and went to bed.

In other news I almost walked outside last night in just a shirt and pantyhose (Black opaque. Don’t think I’ve gone all crazy wearing nude hose. Self-respect.). This is what happens after five years of sleep deprivation so really SLEEP needs to be added to the list of personal initiatives.

I’ve found that in these cold winter days when the kids are asleep I am tormented by thoughts of perfect steamed pork buns, how many years we will need to live off of retirement funds and what a friend’s dedication to flossing tells you about their personality (turns out a lot, btw).

Since February is the only month of the calendar that once every six years and twice every 11 years has only four full 7-day weeks, I figure it’s a great time to start again, and I am not going to let the fact that February is also Canned Food Month stop me.

On that note, tomorrow I will run in the morning, I will iron that shirt that hasn’t been worn in more than a year and give it some love, I will call a friend back (she will be IT if I don’t get her), and I won’t cut off any old ladies.  Wish me luck.