It was Mother’s Day this past weekend – uhoh you forgot! Well, it’s always a good time to thank your mother. And in doing so, take a little time to jot down what you’ve learned from your mother. Here is my list (really, the tip of the iceberg).

  • Always start with a sensible haircut.
  • You can (almost) always get away with black shoes.
  • As you age, you are even more capable of trying new things.
  • When in doubt, balance your checkbook.
  • When frantic, clean and organize a drawer.
  • When hungry and tired, roast a chicken.
  • Take detailed notes when dealing with any doctors or nurses. You can hold them accountable and YOU need to know the details.
  • If you have the luxury to plan a funeral in advance of needing the plans, do it. It’s far better to have a plan you can just say “Go!” to than to have to formulate plans when dealing with the shock of death.
  • You are never too old to attend a wedding in Vegas.
  • Always assume today may be your last day but that you should care for your body and soul assuming you might live forever.
  • Sometimes friends are mean. And you need to be able to move away from them.
  • Build your own resources and capabilities. Never rely solely on someone else for credit, practical knowledge or all of your money.
  • Pick your time to leave and then leave five minutes earlier. Being on time and avoiding inevitable delays causes more stress than it’s worth.
  • Expect your kids to do well. Expect them to act right and make good choices. Use this as a guiding light when raising them.
  • Don’t be fussy.
  • Less is more.
  • Good humor is of the utmost importance – in general, AND in the form of ice cream bars in your freezer.

You’ve gotta love a mom who prioritizes ice cream as a great elixir.

What a great mom I have 🙂