When we moved to Brooklyn from Manhattan nearly six years ago, my husband was adamant that we push for Brooklyn Benefits. Fireplace. One-off coffee houses. Neighbors we (would get to) know. And the Pièce de résistance – outdoor space.

We got lucky and got all of the above. Tonight as I sit on our deck I’m wanting to capture the moment.

There’s the whirl of an air conditioner. A dog barking – yippee dog. Water dripping from our neighbor’s hydroponic garden (cliché sure but meditative just the same). Laughter and clinking from a house a few doors down ending their own dinner party. A helicopter continues to circle. A siren passes maybe two streets over? Doors slide open and closed. Someone is gathering dishes.

I love the private yet proximate. The sounds of the block when your houses touch and yet there’s clear peace and quiet.