Do you maintain a life list? I never really have and don’t know that I will get all Formal and Posty and Updatey on this…but it’s fun to sit with a blank screen and jot down a few Want-Tos every once in a while. You can see how these can get very long, ambitious and unwieldy pretty quickly. So I kept mine “First Things That Come To Mind in a Short Period Of Time” in nature. No “read War and Peace” on this list…

  1. Be more empathetic generally.
  2. Stop interrupting.
  3. Visit Finland
  4. Get truly comfortable with pie dough
  5. Take the kids to Disney World. While this shouldn’t be a stretch time flies and there are only so many years this is a possibility.
  6. Learn to play chess
  7. Ski down a green without fear. Heck, make it a blue.
  8. Speak proficient [INSERT a language other than English]
  9. Have a home outside of New York
  10. Clean and fillet a fish. I know I can cook it. But clean and gut it and have it look pretty? Let’s see…
  11. Go to a movie alone. I know, this should be easy.
  12. Start my own company. Even if it’s a very small company.
  13. Take a turn at bat. I have always had a major fear of flying objects (softballs, baseballs) and my lack of ability to hit one. And of looking like an idiot in the process.
  14. Attend a food festival a year.
  15. Meditate every day for a month and see what happens.
  16. Do a real pull up. I wanted to say “five real pull ups” but I can’t even do one. Baby steps.
  17. Host a wedding-like weekend again with all the close people in our lives that made that weekend in June so special seven years ago. Exclude white dress. Include dancing and pies.
  18. Get a dog
  19. Take the kids to Asia in time to attend Loy Krathong, the sky lantern festival in Thailand
  20. Go a day without speaking
  21. More – go a weekend without my phone.
  22. Create annual photo books. Actual books not just digital.
  23. Take a very cheesy and very fun family portrait
  24. Read the entire Sunday New York Times cover to cover, every article. Who knows how many things I will learn that I didn’t even know I wanted to learn.
  25. Learn how to drive a boat. By myself. And dock it and tie it up.
  26. Come up with a really cool craft project that the whole family works on together which ultimately becomes a permanent fixture in our living space. Maybe a painting.

Life is more fun if you share. So share yours.