It’s August. It’s hot. It’s time for a batch of unrelated updates. This weekend I took the kids to see my mom, sister and her family. While at home I spent some time with my dad’s old stuff. I do this every time I go home and every time it’s worth it. I ran across an OpEd he wrote in 1964 for the local White Plains paper. That was before I was born, but while growing up we spent a lot of time in Westchester which got me thinking about childhood memories…things like riding in the front seat of a car next to dad while we ate chocolate ice cream cones. For some reason that kid thing reminded me of when I used to climb the tree out in front of our house, feeling triumphant up to the top. Feeling triumphant made me think about the other end of the spectrum – Failure. Recently in my personal workout journey I missed a deadlift that I had made before. From that came a little rage (if that’s possible…only a LITTLE rage) and feelings of doubt (crap what happened?). But then I thought about how life isn’t a straight line and some days you win and others you don’t. The key is getting back on the horse and to keep working. Which made me remember that work matters more than talent and if you’re following any of Carol Dweck’s great work, you will know what I mean (I encourage you to read the whole article – it matters for adults, kids, relationships…). Speaking of relationships, that got me thinking about how much I value mine. My spouse in particular. We know a number of people going through very tough marriage times – some lasting, some not – and I am reminded that marriage is not a solution for a relationship, it’s a choice. A choice we make every day. I am feeling now for the people we know struggling with this choice. That got me thinking about how that choice manifests itself and for us, we are not alone here, it’s in the little things like moving the laundry to the dryer, picking up socks, listening when your partner speaks. This weekend when I got home it was about how my amazing husband thought to do the grocery shopping and in the course of that made us a pie. It was a fabulous peach pie (all gone now). Thinking about that prompted a thought about creating and making things. I have a new little project I’m working on related to Menus. I love making up menus. So I am posting a menu a week on the site. They aren’t fancy – but they are fun. And making them gives me a chance to think about what we would like to cook in different situations. I am also a person who wishes I had been born with artistic talent but rather than wallowing in my lack of talent I am jumping in head first and putting a little image alongside each menu. When is the last time you used markers, or crayons? I HIGHLY encourage this childish behavior. Who says kids are the only scribblers?  Please check it out HERE.