I am not normally one to obsess. I don’t hoard things. I am generally able to move on. But then there are little things that get me. Chocolate pudding. Racerback shirts. That pair of jeans. The opening music of Friday Night Lights (not to mention that entire series – best show EVER). And this song, I Remember by Deadmau5. Listening to that song takes me so many places – it came out in 2008 but because it’s all clubby it takes me right back to London in 1993, some NYC club in 1996 the name of which escapes me, Greece in 1998, Boston in 1999 (I know that last one doesn’t exactly scream “cool hot trendsetting venue” but trust me – Boston had a club scene). You can drive to it. Run to it. Make dinner for your kids while listening to it “Mommy…are you dancing?” My 3am clubbing days might be gone (until the kids go to college) but the dancing days will live on FOREVER.