Chapter XVII

because you never know someone from the very beginning



Ahhh, Movies

My husband and I went to dinner recently with a couple who saw more than 100 movies last year.  In the theater.  They did not count those watched at home.  I found this rather extraordinary.  Even more interesting was the fact that they seemed to have a solid memory of several movies, and seemed to be able to talk intelligently about any we mentioned that we’d seen.

Well, so much for TV watching, I thought.  Movies, here we come! 

I think I will start a running list of movies seen, sort of like my incomplete list of books read (it’s incomplete and dated). 

Tonight I am off to a good start.  The husband is out at a bachelor party, and rather than go out myself, I decided to chill out with Babette’s Feast.  This is a great movie.  It’s a simple movie, easy to follow and nice to watch.  It has humor and seriousness and life lessons.  And the centerpiece of the movie is a wonderful meal, created by Babette herself.  I love all things food, and this is no exception.  Oh and by the way, it’s about way more than food.  Rent it and watch.  I give it many thumbs up.

This is in contrast to Bobby which we saw last night (It’s raining this weekend in NYC.  So it’s movie weekend.  Normally on weekend nights we go out to cocktails, then dinner to a place with no sign on the door, then to another bar – very exclusive – and we then head to clubs for dancing.  On tables.  Dancing on tables.  We’re almost always out until 5AM or so.  We usually end up partying with Lindsay and Paris.  There is always the chance we will do something really fun like decide to fly to Miami in the middle of the night to keep the party going.  We decided to take it easy this weekend.  What?)

But I digress…back to Bobby…nice try, Emilio, but many thumbs down.  It feels somewhat amateurish.  And the acting is not great.  And you don’t care about the characters (except for one or two).  Very disappointing.  Babette trumps Bobby. 

Do This ASAP

I have been accused of being bossy.  Well, if that is true, it’s usually because I am right, so do what I say.

Go see The Lives of Others.  We saw it yesterday, after my Olympic-like performance half marathon and before Georgetown, the alma mater I love to hate…no baggage there, really…made it to the Final Four (woo hoo!).

It is a deepy human, touching film with nuances, history and truth. 

Since it won the Oscar, this film’s greatness is not my original idea.  So don’t take my word for it – Oscar says "see this movie".

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